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"Your website says that there are about 35 to 45 questions to answer. I came across another journal elsewhere and am trying to compare the two; not an easy thing to do when I can't see them first-hand. Anything more that you could tell me about your Between Me and You™ format would be helpful."
         MY REPLY:
"Thank you for your email. There are probably others who have the same question. My reason for creating Between Me and You™ journals was to introduce a different, more personal journal experience. There are many journals available that offer the opportunity to tell life stories. They include, in many cases, thousands of questions regarding dates, places, people, etc. and if completed, may offer a comprehensive life history.
I wanted my series to allow for answers to questions regarding the relationship between 2 specific people (the giver and the receiver). The 40 or so questions on 100 pages are fun and BROAD ENOUGH to allow the writer to offer as much or as little as she or he wishes....yet SPECIFIC ENOUGH so that the answer will relate to the past, present and future relationship between the giver and the receiver. Completed Between Me and You™ journals result in uniquely personal keepsakes filled with answers to questions you've been meaning to ask the people you care about most."

HERE'S A BIT MORE INFO THAT MIGHT HELP: The Between Me and You™ journal presentation is simple, contemporary and non-mushy. The books are divided into 6 chapters, each concerning a specific phase of life or point in a relationship. The tone of the questions is comfortable, conversational and often includes a bit of humor.

A great feature of the Between Me and You™ series, thanks to the spiral-bound presentation, is that you can simply tear out the pages that might not be relevant to your particular needs. You can even add your own personal questions or even photos on the blank pages that are provided in back. Give one to be filled out and returned by someone special. Or fill one out for that very special person in your life. They're also perfect for parents who'd like to record their own memories to hand down to their children or for collecting memories from Grandma and Grandpa. The result is a unique, handwritten journal that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Winston Simmonds Jr. is President/Founder of Sand Dune Publishing LLC and actually created the Between Me and You™ Relationship Keepsake Journal series as a result of his own desire to have something truly personal and meaningful from his parents. The very enthusiastic response he received from his family after presenting them with his original hand-made question/answer journals as well as the enthusiasm of friends as he recounted his journal experience, helped lead to the realization that there are many people who are seeking more meaningful interactions with family and friends. The Between Me and You™ series offers a helpful way to initiate that interaction. "I just wanted to share this unique journal idea to help us all get a little closer to the people we care about while having fun at the same time."


Sand Dune Publishing LLC is an independent publishing company with the very simple mission of developing writing tools that help strengthen personal relationships through self-expression and sharing.

To that end, The Between Me and You™ series was released.

Several additional versions relevant to our many relationships are planned and will be released in the near future.